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Manfred Weber #BetterEurope

Protecting citizens needs more police cooperation and data exchange

Hello, Belgium!

Protecting our borders and having cross border cooperation of police forces is key. My visit in Eupen coincided with the third anniversary of the terrorist attacks in Belgium in 2016. Our support to terrorist victims is strong and we keep fighting for them to get the support they need.

I attended a very interesting presentation of EPICC, the Cross-border cooperation of police forces.

We need more police cooperation and data exchange between national authorities, to protect citizens against terrorism and organised crime.

Border regions are often forgotten in national and European legislation. We need to make the lives of people living and working in these regions easier. Police cooperation at the border is very important: we as EPP have always, and will continue to, provide our security agency EUROPOL with all the resources and staff needed to combat organised crime.

Regional cooperation in border regions is only the start for a more ambitious European approach. The idea of cooperation starts here. Europe must support these regions in every way possible.

In Eupen I also visited the Oncology Department of the “St. Nikolaus Hospital”. I had the chance to share views and opinions with the medical director and hospital manager on the challenges in modern oncology.