The Power of WE -

Manfred Weber #BetterEurope

We will strive for equal living conditions across Europe

Dobrý den Praha!

Research and innovation are the driving forces that will lead Europe forward! I had the chance to talk to researchers and professors at the Institute of robotics in Prague, a good example on how to rise living standards in Czech Republic through investments in innovation and digitalisation. When experimenting with the newest technologies myself I knew: innovation is the key to Europe’s future!

I am happy to see how the EU is leading innovation processes and knowledge-sharing across the continent

I listened to students' concerns and exchanged views on what is important to them for the future of Europe. On my tour I met craftsmen, farmers, nurses: regular, hardworking people. I want to convey that we are not that different from each other, that we have similar concerns and hopes for the future.

I also talked to students of the Arciviskupské Gymnasium about the future of Europe and why their vote really counts.

We should never forget why the European project was built: it was our answer to decades of war and instability!

The young generation of the Czech Republic need to think about that when deciding to vote in the EU elections. People must feel that they can decide and have a say in the future of Europe, as they do already at the national level. 

We discussed intensively the copyright issue and artists’ rights. So many young students are dreaming of becoming a singer, an author, a journalist. I am a guitarist: I know what is at stake!  We need to protect people’s creative products. Europe’s strength is its power of creativity and innovation.