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Manfred Weber #BetterEurope

Europe can be proud of its farmers and its agriculture

Ciao Italia!

A strong agriculture sector is crucial for the future of Europe, this is a vital sector for Europe’s development and because of this, it is important to listen to the hopes and concerns of farmers.

During my visit to the farm “La Castelluccia”, just outside Rome, I could see how valuable this sector is and how beneficial it is for a family business to welcome school children every day. It is important to teach young generations about the value of our local and regional products. Local farmers are doing a lot to improve our environment by offering quality products close to the consumers.

“La Castelluccia” combines modern technology and traditional ways, a mix I am campaigning to achieve in every farm across Europe.

In Italy, the homeland of EPP and EU founding father Alcide De Gasperi, I was honored to meet Maria De Gasperi, his daughter. Together we celebrated De Gasperi’s contribution to the peace and progress that exists in Europe today. We shall not forget our Christian heritage.