The Power of WE -

Manfred Weber #BetterEurope

“A Europe that protects” is a reality in Latvia

Sveika, Latvija!

Latvia faces the future with a renewed confidence. With the stability provided by the EPP family, member party New Unity (Vienotība) and new Prime Minister Krišjānis Kariņš will continue the upward trajectory in the Baltic state.

In politics, you need bridge-builders; compromise-makers. The Prime Minister and I have worked together for years and I know the level of his commitment to a strong Latvia, in a strong Europe. The key question is: do we still stand for compromise, or will egoism succeed?

A common menace across the Baltic states is that of aggression and cyber warfare. No one knows better than the Latvian people what it means to feel threatened by a large neighbour.

I saw this up close: in Latvia, “a Europe that protects” is not an empty slogan. It is a reality. We are all Europeans.

I came to Latvia to convey: “the EPP stands by your side. Europe stands by your side”. We fully support you in the face of provocation and attempts to destabilise our democracy – via disinformation, cyberattacks or other incitement. We need real responses in the area of defence, but also less energy dependence, and therefore saying no to Nordstream II.