The Power of WE -

Manfred Weber #BetterEurope

The youth of the Netherlands is ready to accept the challenge of Europe’s future!

Hallo Nederland!

The CDA Congress provided a great opportunity to take my Listening Tour to Amsterdam. The CDA is a real peoples’ party: strongly rooted in the regions, with the largest membership of any party in the Netherlands.

More than 1000 people were at the event to discuss a better future for Europe. We need to reconnect Europe with the people: that’s why we should end the negotiations for Turkish accession to the EU!

Brexit causes a lot of concerns for people in the Netherlands. The UK is leaving the largest market in the world, not to mention its closest friends and partners, which could bring confusion and uncertainty. Farmers and fisherman, for example, are worried about the disruption that could be brought by a no-deal Brexit.

Younger generations of Europeans also have clear ideas for the future of our continent, and this is very visible in the Netherlands: there is a real willingness to build a better Europe!

The CDA Congress approved a higher budget for the Erasmus Plus programme, which is a great step towards achieving this. Experiences abroad should not only be for university students: many more young people should get the chance to discover the richness and diversity of Europe, and that was exactly what the DiscoverEU project was designed to achieve!