The Power of WE -

Manfred Weber #BetterEurope

Giving people opportunities at home

Pozdravljena Slovenija!

Hope and optimism for Europe’s future. These are the ingredients that move and motivate Slovenian people. I could feel it during the day I spent in Slovenia.

Home is where we feel connected, where we belong, where we can feel we can have opportunities.

In Nazarje, I visited a family owned factory where they started production with local tools. Now they provide electric engines for bicycles and households appliances all over Europe and the world.

One in five jobs in Slovenia are export related. An ambitious European trade policy means giving people, especially young generations, opportunities at home, and I want to do more to give people these opportunities.

Nobody should be forced to leave their home country for economic reasons.

Increasing investment in research and innovation and creating better living conditions everywhere on our continent are the necessary steps to make every single European feel like they belong to their country and to their continent.

Our homes, our dinner tables, should be places where our families celebrate a common European opportunity and a common European hope. Slovenia reminds all of us that we should never forget the importance of freedom and peace in Europe.